Friday, May 31, 2013

Abolish the Corporate Income Tax

Liberals always want to raise the corporate income tax thinking that it will force "fat cat" corporations to pay their "fair share." Little do they know, since economics and reality are irrelevant in their ideology, that corporations do not pay the income tax. The corporations force the tax increase onto the consumer with higher prices.  Pat Buchanan has a nice proposal; end the corporate income tax: 
Far from being condemned, Apple's CPAs ought to be inducted into the Accountants Hall of Fame. 
It is no more immoral for Apple to move its headquarters for foreign sales to Ireland than for Big Apple residents to move to Florida to escape the 12 percent combined state and city income tax. 
Among the reasons the Sun Belt is booming at the expense of the Rust Belt is not just the weather. Southern states strive to keep income and estate taxes low or nonexistent. They want companies and families to relocate and live there, and to spend their money there. 
The problem here is not with Apple, it is with Sen. Levin & Co.
Here is the article: Abolish the Corporate Income Tax 

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